US online casinos still welcome USA players


 Are you looking for US online casinos that still accept USA players to gamble online with them? The you are still in luck, since there are plenty of good online casinos still taking U.S. players. For a while it seemed that all online casinos will leave the American gambling market, but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. With literally hundreds of online casinos not allowing US players to bet with them anymore, another group of internet casinos realized that this could be a big opportunity for them. So a new breed of online casinos emerged - those which not only still welcome US players, but cater mostly to that audience. A lot of the online casinos listed on our home page still allow USA players to gamble with them and will offer big bonuses to Americans signing up for a casino account.

 Why did so many online casinos stopped accepting US players, one may ask? The answer comes from the actions the previous USA Congress took, namely the passage of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in 2006. Although not explicitly outlawing online casino gambling, the bill made it illegal for US banks to make and accept transfers from offshore gambling websites. This action led to many payment processors to stop working with the online casinos allowing US customers and those gambling websites decided it was not worth the hustle and left the USA internet gambling market. But there are many online casinos which still work with their US players, offering ewallets, e-checks and many other payment methods one can use to fund the casino account.



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