How to deposit at the online casinos


 In today's state of the online gambling industry, how to deposit money at the online casinos remains one of the biggest and most important questions. It all depends in which country you live - some depositing methods are not available to U.S. players, for example, others are not available to Canadian players, etc. Below are the most popular ways of depositing at the online casinos:

 Credit Cards - At every online casino you have the option to deposit money to your player account with credit card or a debit card. The success ratio will depend on the country you reside in. North American players will have a really hard time depositing at the online casinos using a credit card, although some casinos have a great success in processing those transactions. Depositing with credit card is the fastest and easiest method for European players, as well as those from Asia. Most of the online casinos will not charge you any fees for using your credit or debit card as depositing method, but you will have to verify this with the particular casino you have chosen.

 eWallets - The ewalletsare the most popular method for depositing at the online casinos. They act as a middle man between the issuer of your credit or debit card (or bank account) and the online casino. You simply deposit money at the ewallet and then use the ewallet to deposit money in your casino player account. The are many ewallets available, but the most popular remain eWalletXpress and QuickTender, check with your casino to see which are offered as an option to deposit money at the online casino. The drawback from using the ewallets is that you will end up paying a fee for this kind of transaction, although this isn't any different that using the cashier at the B&M casinos. Using ewallet to deposit money at the casino is the best way to go. Other popular ewallets include Neteller and Moneybookers, although these two are only availabel to European and Asian players.

 Wire transfer and instant check - a select number of online casinos and gambling websites will also let you use wire transfers or e-checks to fund your casino account. Not widely available as the ewallets, wire transfers could be pain in the butt, considering you will have to go through the long procedure of wiring money from you bank account to the casino's beneficiary account. Wiring money to the online casinos is generally not encouraged, especially when using an ewallet could be so much easier.



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